I had my last physical therapy session for the week on Friday. It went really good. I'm now starting to walk (limp) around while fully braced in a straight position. I have to concentrate hard to flex my quad while stepping, but it is starting to occur more naturally. The pain it subsiding, but the worst spot is the spot where they entered on the medial (inner) side of my knee. I believe this is where the tear was on the meniscus, and where they did most of the repair. So it is probably quite inflamed due to the poking and prodding.

During my PT on Friday, I was successful in bending my leg 95 degrees (the goal after week 1 is 90 degrees), so I'm progressing well. They also did some more electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).

I happen to have my on Twin Stem TENS/EMS device (http://www.medicalproductsonline.org/twditemustun1.html), which allows me to do the EMS at home. You have to be very careful with these devices and should not try it without proper instruction (as you could die - if you do something wrong). This device has allowed me to do my PT work at home and get through a full session. My goal is to do my PT work 2x per day this weekend, and then I have my next official PT session on Monday.

My goal is to get back into the gym sometime this week and start performing some CrossFit (www.crossfit.com) routines. We'll see how that goes.