I finally decided to go through with my knee surgery to repair a torn medial meniscus in my right knee. I believe it was torn during some early Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training last summer, but I don't recall the actual occurrence.

Anyway, after months of aching and discomfort, I finally decided to give surgery a chance. I had tried a number of things before considering surgery. I tried the typical RICE procedures, and I even tried RICE with a variation of ICE/HEAT/ICE, where you use an ice pack for 15 minutes, then an heat pack, then ice again for 15 minutes. This seemed to help, but never healed the actual damage.

I then tried a steroid shot in the knee, which did reduce some internal inflammation, but never resulted in full recovery.

So the last resort was surgery, which I had on 4/24/2009 (which just so happened to be my wife's 38th birthday - she wasn't too happy with this decision, but she is fully supportive and we'll celebrate her birthday on another date).

I plan on documenting my recovery on this blog, as a way to share with others who may be in a similar circumstance, and may need some guidance. I plan on doing my Crossfit routines as soon as reasonbaly possible, but given that most WOD's require the use of your legs, it should be an interesting ride.